Alec Uitti

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About Me

Team leader and self starter with entrepreneurial drive and a large body of work

I have built teams from scratch and been a great team member as well

Throughout my career and academics (philosophy + design/art), I have been cultivating knowledge around the software/human interface and how to improve the relationship, with empathy.

Why is empathy important? Your business is ultimately about people - your customers, your users and their personal reactions to your company through software - this is user experience.


Ask the questions about what we assume. Ask questions about what we don't know. Ask the stakeholders, customers and employees about their relationship to the problem. Document and graph out all the input (customer journey maps, problem-space diagrams, etc.).

Promote hypotheses. Build something -digital prototypes, paper cards/notes, presentations- that can be tested and reviewed. Be humble and learn. If you find the question itself isn't the right one, then change it and ask again.

The various processes and procedures of a UX campaign generate a fair amount of qualitative and quantitative data - do you have the expertise to know what the data is telling you to do? This is the key - understanding what you are seeing and hearing and deciding on the best path to address the signals you are receiving.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

-Leonardo Da Vinci


Some recent projects

More past clients

A handful of other projects that I've worked on.

Quantum Mobile app UI dashboard
Salsa Labs SaaS UX, site rebrand
Nike Web video
Wayin Mobile UI
Fitness mag Mobile UI
Adobe Interactive Marketing & Video
Sun Microsystems Multimedia & Video
Markel Homes Web Design, SEO
Rivet Cycleworks Brand Identity & Web Design

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